Concierge Counseling

Intensive and individualized treatment






What is Concierge Counseling?

This approach allows access to the next-level care with a more intensive and individualized treatment experience. You may access services on a daily and weekly basis that traditional therapy does not afford. Concierge Counseling provides a unique blend of your specific therapeutic needs with your real-life goals, embracing a client-centered philosophy. This arrangement allows for priority access, enhanced services and expanded availability.

In our fast-paced environments and busy lives, the ability to assess personal concerns, achieve mental well-being, balance life, work demands, and reach goals expeditiously is worth this next-level service.

“I am committed to offering this level of care with more immediacy and accessibility than traditional offices.”

What You Can Expect


You can expect a custom-fit service that is not a “one size fits all,” approach to address your needs. Our partnership will reflect your needs and help you problem-solve or gain an intrinsic perspective. Sessions are reflective of your goals and desires without the concern of limitations of traditional therapy. Therapy is approached collaboratively; based on our initial consultation, we will decide the best approach given your needs. This means I have more time and freedom to be more thoughtful about your unique situation, your story, and goals. I am able to work with the entire family system or couple as needed.


Your time is important and respected! You will have direct access to consult with me by telephone, email and text message even if you do not have an appointment. I will respond directly to your emails and return calls directly. If you are experiencing an immediate need to be seen, I will find a same-day or next-day appointment time for you. We have the option to meet via teletherapy, allowing you to have therapy wherever you are. This allows sessions at work, during your lunch or at home or locations that require your physical presence.

Flexibility & Quality Time

As a client, you are reserved weekly standing appointments to accomplish your goals. You are offered the option to set as much time each week and for the month as needed. As a client, I will provide additional time and support if you are unable to meet on your regularly scheduled session. As professionals, we both know schedules can change in a heartbeat. This flexibility assures you will not go without regular contact. Typical sessions are 45 to 50 minutes in length. I will always provide you a full 60-minute hour ( unless you desire a shorter session).


I am able to provide treatment team efforts with other care providers. I act as a collaborative between all professionals involved in your life (i.e., coaches, physicians, psychiatrists, executive coaches, school, etc.) I also provide continuity of care as I am affiliated with several specialized psychiatric providers and other professionals in the community.


This type of therapy does not require your personal information to be disclosed to third-party insurance companies. There is no need for permanent diagnostic labels and unnecessary access to your personal information. This keeps EVERYTHING about you private and confidential.

If you are interested in finding out more about Concierge services, get in touch using the form below to notify me of your interest, and I will contact you to discuss in detail and answer any questions you may have.