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Today’s fast-paced environment presents unprecedented pressure to balance career advancements, demanding expectations, charitable and social responsibility, interpersonal relationships, and, much less, boundaries for one’s self.

These pressures increasingly affect our emotional, cognitive, and behavioral states, ultimately stunting our ability to reach tangible goals or tragically resulting in a mental or emotional break.

Concierge Counseling services in DC provide an elevated and empathetic approach, blending specific therapeutic methods based on your unique needs to empower you to achieve true balance in your life. Working together, we will create a custom-fit experience that amplifies your lifestyle and positions you to accomplish your goals without the limitations of traditional therapy. This approach allows for an intensive and individualized treatment experience, including priority access, enhanced services, and expanded availability.

Previous individuals empowered by Paul Sheesley’s Concierge Counseling include NBA Stars, Foreign Diplomats, Reality TV Show Celebrities, Managing Partners and Founders, Lobbyists and Capitol-Hill Political Influences, and CEOs and CFOs of Top Fortune 500 Companies.

What You Can Expect


Together we will create a custom-fit approach that reflects your specific needs, aspirations, and desired outcomes. Our time together will establish bespoken plans and practical skills tailored to your personality and lifestyle, empowering you to become a balanced version of yourself in a way that works for you.


Throughout our partnership, you will have direct access to consult with me by telephone, email, and text message, even without an appointment. I will respond directly to you and schedule a same-day or next-day appointment when necessary. In addition, we have the option to meet via teletherapy, allowing flexibility to meet you wherever you are around the globe.

Flexibility & Quality Time

As a concierge client, you are empowered to reserve as much time each week and month as necessary. We will establish weekly standing appointments that best fit your lifestyle and specific needs. If your schedule changes – as we both understand happens – I am committed to providing additional time and support when you are unable to meet your regularly scheduled session.


I believe in having a team of care and embracing the opportunity to collaborate with your other care providers (i.e. coaches, physicians, psychiatrists, executive coaches, schools, etc.). I will provide a continuity of care as I am affiliated with specialized psychiatric providers and other care professionals in the community.


Our work together is private and confidential. Your personal information will never be disclosed to a third-party insurance company, nor is there ever a need for permanent diagnostic labels and unnecessary access to your personal information. I am committed to maintaining your trust and privacy and have done so with all my clients in the past and present.

If you are interested in finding out more about Concierge counseling services in DC, get in touch using the form below to notify me of your interest, and I will contact you to discuss in detail and answer any questions you may have.