Schema Therapy: A depth approach to low self-esteem.

Do You Worry That You’re Not Good Enough? 

How do you feel about yourself? Do you like yourself? Do you feel like a fraud and just fooling everyone around you? Do you compare your achievements to others? Do you hide your true feelings out of fear of rejection? If you answered yes to any of these questions you may also struggle with feelings of shame and low-confidence. Hyper-sensitive to criticism and rejection or devaluing of oneself. Perhaps struggling with long lived low self-esteem. 

In schema therapy, this is seen as one feeling “not good enough,” stemming from a Defectiveness schema or life-trap. This schema usually forms in childhood and adolescents as a result of unmet needs from caregivers. Needs such as validation, protection, reassurance, competence and autonomy. Experiences of trauma, abuse and neglect are also common. Other early life experiences may be in the form of intense, conditional expectations where accomplishments were never “good enough, and received conditional approval.  

So what is schema therapy? Schema therapy is a systematic therapy that helps clients understand why they behave in ways they do, get in touch with their feelings and attain emotional relief, and benefit from learning practical, active ways to make better choices and think more positively about themselves in the future. 

People who have healed from this schema feel much more comfortable in their own skin and with people around them. They come to understand there is nothing really wrong with them.  It was the messages or conclusions from early life experiences that were wrong and never belonged to them! The shame is put back where it belongs, on the condition of their childhood and people who neglected them. 

If you would like a schema assessment to find out what patterns from the past are holding you back please reach out to take the full schema assessment with feedback. I can be contacted below. 

Paul B. Sheesley, MA, LPC, LCPC, LCADC