Substance Use & Recovery

Uncover the root cause to rebuild connections with yourself and loved ones

Substance addiction is a chronic condition in which an individual is blinded by substances such as drugs and alcohol. Symptoms of substance abuse include excessive substance use that has become detrimental to everyday life. Help is needed when use begins to affect multiple areas of life such as health, family, occupation, legal and mental health. Unfortunately, the behavior may not stop until the root of the problem is addressed. It is common for individuals to suffer from underlying issues that occur alongside a substance use disorder. Some common disorders include:

“I provide expertise in the field of addiction assessment and treatment. I monitor the latest developments in the area of addiction to ensure you receive the most effective treatment available. I work closely with you to define specific treatment goals, tailor an appropriate treatment plan, and monitor progress to ensure goals are achieved. As an experienced addictions specialist, my intention is to guide you through the process of recovery and long-term sobriety, I view addiction as a human process as well as recovery, and should be treated by someone with extensive understanding and experience.”

My Approach

Assessments & Evaluations
I provide drug and alcohol assessments and evaluations specific to your needs. To determine the effects of substance use I provide an in-depth assessment.
Legal Reports

Written reports of the assessment are available for use regarding legal problems, such as parole and probation or attorney-requested assessments. My evaluations satisfy court mandate requirements both for adult and juvenile systems.

Employer-Referred Assessments
In addition to self-referral assessments, I provide employer-referred assessments to determine treatment, treatment recommendations and referrals as needed.